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1000 Calorie Workout At Home


1000 Calorie Workout At Home


1000 Calorie Workout At Home

This 1000 calorie workout can be done at home for 45 minutes of HIIT or more! How long it takes you to do this 1000 calorie HIIT workout is up to you. As time goes on you may need to take longer rest periods in order to finish the 1000 calorie cardio workout. Take as much rest as you need…the most important thing is to get that 1000 calorie burn!

There are 10 exercises in this 45 min HIIT workout. The workout is done in a pyramid style. First you’ll do 1 rep of each of the exercises in the 1000 calorie workout. The next round you’ll do 2 reps of each exercise, followed by three, followed by four, all the way on up to 10 full reps of each of the exercises in the workout. Depending on your weight and level of effort you can burn 1000 calories.

Here are the 10 exercises that make up this pyramid style 1000 calorie HIIT workout:

1) Sit Up
2) Decline Pushups
3) Weighted Squats
4) Broad Jump
5) Burpee
6) Russian Twist
7) 10 High Knees with a Power Up
8) In and Out Mountain Climbers
9) Ninja Jump Tuck
10) Jump Lunges

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