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It is said about clock spider that it has time relation with sun and ancient people like Romans ,Greeks had thoughts like that  and legendary tales how they made poisons into human body and in ancient people it was common to worship clock spider as they not only thought it a dangerous creepy animal but also it has shape like sun.

You see yourself clock spider creepy animal with long legs is behind every clock if he finds a place to live better otherwise he moves a better place.But he adjusts himself there as he makes deep web there to make a good environment.Clock spider has long weaving legs with their help and they have natural strengths and flexibility to move on walls and cling on ceilings. And it is very nurturing for them if they have a very nurturing environment for their living and they bring forth to their offspring with great speed that if a house is empty you would see after some time ,there are long long webs and thousands of thousands live there.This long 8 legged animal just needs space , you would see it would fill it with his cobwebs.Very astonishing fact that he makes prey himself and when someone trapped like any insect in his web,he enjoys a great as trapped one cannot escape from his web.It is observed around the clock spider if female clock spider finds a suitable environment and temperature,she can lay million eggs .Queen clock spider is the result of Flavor Flay and Freddy Mercury .

Spider Scientific classification

  • Kingdom-Animalia
  • Phylum-Arthropoda
  • Class-Arachnida
  • Order-Araneae
  • Subphylum-Chelicerata
  • Infraorder-Araneomorphae
  • Family-Sparassidae

Clock And Spider Relation :

Actually the name is spider but their shape looks like wall clock and they they form themselves to clock as their long curling and flexible legs and spiders spreads wings like wall clock needles.It is true that they adjust themselves according to environment where they go.Really they have great patience in their living ,no need to drink a lot of water to finish their thirst ,they stay behind clock wall  a long time and make webs for their living and prey for insects.The best way to remove clock spiders from your house or place to clean those place daily otherwise they make habitats there.

What Aztechs Thoughts’ Spiders :
Aztechs considered them as God and they gave them a great extreme greatness in their and have notions of death about them and they said about them they are sign of death as for their deadly bites. The main reason behind worshipping is fear of death.

What Greeks Thoughts About Spiders:

Greeks called them clever but other notions exist in Greek Ancient history that they were living in caves afterwards moving themselves to houses afterwards moving to clock wall.

What Ancient Romans And Greeks Clock Spiders:

Smartness is spiders’ style ,Greeks believed in their sun dial like system ;for this reason they had great esteem for clock spiders as if they are dead ,sun will deprive them of its sunlight if they would not worship clock spider.Actually the main reason behind worshiping is fear which led them to worship,otherwise it is common sense thing that little creature though it is deadly and poisonous cannot be a God.

Spiders Found In These Countries :

The clock spider are very known and famous animal found every part of world and mostly they can be found in tropical regions of the world like Asia,America,Australia and Mediterranean regions. Asian continent is not small one continent where great population of world exist and countries like Afganistan,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Bahrain,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Brunei,Cambodia,China, Cyprus,Georgia,India,Indonesia,Iran,Iraq,Israel,Japan,Jordan,Kazakhstan,Kuwait,Kyrgyzstan,


Myanmar (Burma),Nepal,North Korea,Oman,Pakistan,Palestine,Philippines,Qatar,Russia,Saudi Arabia,Singapore,South Korea,Sri Lanka,Syria,Taiwan,Tajikistan,Thailand,Timor-Leste,Turkey,Turkmenistan,United Arab Emirates (UAE),Uzbekistan,Vietnam,Yemen.

In these countries ,clock spiders are in great but somehow in some of above mentioned countries spider are in less.But it is common phenomena where there is space , they have their living.

Spiders’s Appearance | Spider’s meme :
Spiders have eight eyes spiders. Male spiders called huntsman spiders have legs long of 25-30 cenimetres approximately 10 to 12 inch.Their 8 eyes have front and back aspects of panorama.Some spiders have appearnance like wheel spider called Carparachne aureoflava and they are found in Namib ,they use locomotion strength to move their bodies.

Spider’s Identification :

Those people who are unfamiliar with what are called spider animal,can judge them as well as if generally accepted theory and panorama of thoughts about spiders have longs leges vertically joint forwarded and twisted well and they have thin long weaving legs.

They had long 9 legs but one of legs was lost in the battle with limecat but ultimately spider won but lost one leg now spiders are found with 8 legs.This is ancient theory and they became history legend and memorable piece of worship according to Ancient Greeks,Ancient Romans and Ancient Egyptians and likewise same thoughts could be found around the world.Ancient Greeks say that if we would not worship Clock spiders,they were the part of their meal like limecat. One more very astonishing fact they are light weight but they can work more than their capacity and easily move their bodies back and forward with great speed.

Spider Main Colors :
Spiders upper parts covered with shades of grey or brown but it is also observed that some of species have white and black marked found on their bodies ,they have reddish patches around their mouth parts.Their bodies are furry and smooth.Their colors have mixtures of clay type which make them more prominent.Tropical spiders or so called brown huntsman or Heteropoda species are largely hairy ,same as white and black markings on their bodies.Jumping spiders called Salticidae jumping spiders have strong eyesight if compared to other spider as their eyesight is enough for detecting human or other living things approaching them.There are more researched are being done on spiders and hundreds of species are discovered ;some spiders have dark colors,some have light colors,some have mixture of different colors .

Spiders Sound production :

Spiders create very sounds by using their legs to transmit vibrations from their bodies to the surface and sound produced emitted by strong vibrations of the belly abdomen.The frequency of pattern and vibration bursts of sound they produce if they are very well interested in matting.Very clever and typical method they use for themselves if they have notions of meeting one another and they call others also by transmitting other like sounds etc.And they find easy way to find their ways around the parts of world and when they are on move ,they produce special sounds if sound retrieves back ,they feel themselves something is ahead of them ,they make other ways vice versa.

Spider’s Speed ,Species and Hunting :

Genus Palystes Specially Spiders are there called rain spiders or  those spiders belong to  Sparassidae Family are very famous for their speed and great style of hunting.Some spiders species eat lizards as they are dwell in wood places ,mine shafts and wooden shaks  and they are found in South Africa region.

Spiders’ Habitat and Distribution :

Spiders Sparassidae are common in Australia and they are found largly in South America, southern parts of the United States, such as Florida, Guam and Puerto Rico and western parts of Texas and Northwest Tennessee, India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines.South African spiders are also called rain drops spider as they prefer those areas where they have suitable environment and where natural green grass found in great and we can justify their living ratio more than other countries.

Spider Heteropoda Venatoria :

This type of spider can be found in Hawaii and it is famous for cane spider.They cannot live in too cold winter.And they live in shades,garages and unused places where human live less and not more .Spiders female Heteropoda Venatoria carry sacs in their sacs. Spiders live more in growing grass.

Spiders Hunt For Food :

As adults, huntsman spiders do not build webs, but hunt and forage for food: their diet consists primarily of insects and other invertebrates, and occasionally small skinks and geckos. They live in the crevices of tree bark, but will frequently wander into homes and vehicles. They are able to travel extremely quickly, often using a springing jump while running, and walk on walls and even on ceilings.

Spiders depends more on insects ,small skinks ,geckos and other invertebrates.They live in holes or breaches of tree and tend to move vehicles tyres and homes .Spiders have skills to climb on walls and on ceilings.

Spider’s Bite Method :

Spiders Liphistiidae,Sparassidae and Uloboridae generate venom and it would digest a great in their meal .These types of venom is so much venomous and impure to health. They are beneficial to human also as they feed themselves on crickets and cockroaches.One more astonishing fact about Spider’s bite when they intend to bite and they cling up on your body and want to shake it off you cannot shake it .Female spiders are more dangerous and deadly when someone forces to attack they; female spiders are more fierce.They usually carry sacs in mouth jaws.

Scientists Researching On Spider’s bite :

Researches are ther what provokes spiders to bite people and normally when other insects come near to eggs,they defend themselves.Spiders Sparassidae family do create some little symtoms but they are repored not to be deadly.Different Neosparassus,Palystes Spiders have deadly poisnous bites in their bites.First signs of pain,vomiting,irregular pulse rate,headace,nausea,neurological effects,swelling,heart palpitation. Spiders belong to family Sparassidae create symtoms shock,nocebo and unpredictable infections.

Spiders’ World Domination :

It is true and leading fact they have control all over the world and they are dominant in creature as they exist everywhere where clock exists and clock exists everywhere in houses,offices,rooms,hotels,cafe etc.In short,everywhere.That’s why Clock Spiders are called World Dominant Creature.Clock Spiders are harmless as they do not harm you but one thing they do ,they help us in finishing insects around clock spiders.Very interesting fact when you remove clock from wall or from its place,they are nude now and prone to death may be , as you may  spray them or let them go and if you made your mind to finish it ,then spray it till its being white or simple method is to kill them by stones or slippers or whatever methods you adapt to kill them.

Clock Spider Moderns Clocks :

Modern inventors have very great ideas of changing boring house or office wall clocks into spider type characteristics clocks and if we realize the vary nature of this modern clocks ,the pure idea taken from Spiders itself and modern clocks really depicts our thoughts that they not only live in houses or offices but also now in our thoughts and imaginations.

MB&F Mechanical CLOCK Spider :

Assuming this to be the reason, Renowned Swiss clockmaker L’Epee engineered its inner working for MB&F’s 10th anniversary in the year 1839. The idea of the a clock spider was inspired by famous artist Louis Bourgeois and spider sculpture Maman.The limited edition of Arachnophobia is the latest performance art timepiece created by luxury clockwork manufacturer MB&F.

MB&F Mechanical Clock International clock manufacturing company produces mechanical wall clocks and idea comes from well reknowned artist Louis Bourgeois. The very limited edition Arachnophobia is produced by MB&F Mechanical Clock International clock manufacturing company.

This company invented 16 inches across legs clock and it has 218 components ,its shape is domed one and head with intricate mechanical movements.This clock consists of incabloc shock protection system.It is master piece of clocks ever invented ,clock spider has 18 K gold plated brass and clock spider shape is available in markets.

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Licker Spider Alam Clock Invented :

Kystal James Invented ‘Licker Spider Alarm Clock’ basically it is alarm clock as you need to do set alarm hours , it would work for you but with very interesting function when you do not wake up your scheduled time ,it would come to you and lick you smoothly and you would ultimately get up and start your routine works.

Clock Spider Final Thoughts :

It is really curing methods for healing the Spiders phobia people who fear suddenly or get furious when accidentally they see them in their houses and may make a louder noise as they have spider phobia.This method of curing the people is great as they feel now less fearless of spider phobia when they realize they are behind us. No more scaring in the morning would happen to them now. As they sleep under their spider wall clock and face real spiders with bravery.

Spider Genera

World Spider Sparassidae Family Catalog 2017 | First name in following catalog shows spdier name and last name the scientist name and year when it was discovered.

  1. Micrommata Latreille, 1804
  2. Heteropoda Latreille, 1804
  3. Delena Walckenaer, 1837
  4. Olios Walckenaer, 1837
  5. Clastes Walckenaer, 1837
  6. Zachria L. Koch, 1875
  7. Pandercetes L. Koch, 1875
  8. Isopeda L. Koch, 1875
  9. Palystes L. Koch, 1875
  10. Prychia L. Koch, 1875
  11. Stasina Simon, 1877
  12. Holconia Thorell, 1877
  13. Cebrennus Simon, 1880
  14. Pediana Simon, 1880
  15. Adcatomus Karsch, 1880
  16. Nisueta Simon, 1880
  17. Vindullus Simon, 1880
  18. Sparianthis Simon, 1880
  19. Spariolenus Simon, 1880
  20. Tychicus Simon, 1880
  21. Damastes Simon, 1880
  22. Thelcticopis Karsch, 1884
  23. Nonianus Simon, 1885
  24. Macrinus Simon, 1887
  25. Staianus Simon, 1889
  26. Keilira Hirst, 1989
  27. Prusias O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1892
  28. Origes Simon, 1897
  29. Paenula Simon, 1897
  30. Typostola Simon, 1897
  31. Cerbalus Simon, 1897
  32. Pseudosparianthis Simon, 1887
  33. Remmius Simon, 1897
  34. Rhacocnemis Simon, 1897
  35. Rhitymna Simon, 1897
  36. Chrosioderma Simon, 1897
  37. Geminia Thorell, 1897
  38. Polybetes Simon, 1897
  39. Sarotesius Pocock, 1898
  40. Pleorotus Simon, 1898
  41. Stipax Simon, 1898
  42. Anchonastus Simon, 1898
  43. Gnathopalystes Rainbow, 1899
  44. Anaptomecus Simon, 1903
  45. Neosparassus Hogg, 1903
  46. Megaloremmius Simon, 1903
  47. Tibellomma Simon, 1903
  48. Eusparassus Simon, 1903
  49. Barylestis Simon, 1910
  50. Thomasettia Hirst, 1911
  51. Exopalystes Hogg, 1914
  52. Pseudomicrommata Järvi, 1914
  53. Berlandia Lessert, 1921
  54. Stasinoides Berland, 1922
  55. Defectrix Petrunkevitch, 1925
  56. Palystella Lawrence, 1928
  57. Sparianthina Banks, 1929
  58. Sampaiosia Mello-Leitão, 1930
  59. Decaphora Franganillo, 1931
  60. Strandiellum Kolosváry, 1934
  61. Panaretella Lawrence, 1937
  62. Arandisa Lawrence, 1938
  63. Dermochrosia Mello-Leitão, 1940
  64. Quemedice Mello-Leitão, 1942
  65. Sagellula Strand, 1942
  66. Sivalicus Dyal, 1957
  67. Carparachne Lawrence, 1962
  68. Microrchestris Lawrence, 1962
  69. Leucorchestris Lawrence, 1962
  70. Orchestrella Lawrence, 1965
  71. Beregama Hirst, 1990
  72. Isopedella Hirst, 1990
  73. Yiinthi Davies, 1994
  74. Parapalystes Croeser, 1996
  75. Irileka Hirst, 1998
  76. Sinopoda Jäger, 1999
  77. Bhutaniella Jäger, 2000
  78. Pseudopoda Jäger, 2000
  79. Nolavia Kammerer, 2006
  80. Martensopoda Jäger, 2006
  81. Guadana Rheims, 2010
  82. Caayguara Rheims, 2010
  83. Uaiuara Rheims, 2013
  84. Curicaberis Rheims, 2015
  85. May Jäger & Krehenwinkel, 2015
  86. Neostasina Rheims & Alayón, 2016
  87. Nungara Pinto & Rheims, 2016

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Some Huntsman Spider Images



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