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Spider Poem Written by Paige

Spider Poem Written by Paige

Spider Poem Written by Paige

Spider Poem

If i took a spider egg and put it in a cage all alone, would the spider react all on its own?
Would the spider know how to get food by himself, or would the spider need help, just like you or myself?
Could the spider make his own web? or would he need a teacher?
Would the spider be nice? or just become evil?
could a spider live on its own? without having a home?
I’m guessing the spider isnt that different from you?
but then again the spider didn’t work all on its own
I put it in a cage for him to be all alone
He needed the help like you and myself
He couldn’t make his own web, no one taught him he was alone by himself
A spider is just like you and i
He needs a little help to get by
People overestimate things we can do all alone
We are just like spiders we need a real home
look at your friends with open minds
And accept them with flaws on there sides
Some spiders are like humans they dont always have a home
But with help from each other they dont have to be all alone.


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